...and I'm here to help you create a brand people cherish and to lead a business that's built by your goals and vision, not others' expectations.

I made a mistake. A big one.

For too long I ignored the power that narratives and their reinforcing stories have over our work, the goals we hold, and the connection we crave.

If only I had known this earlier — way earlier: Maybe I could have avoided burnout. Could have navigated on-the-job challenges more elegantly. Could have made smarter startup decisions, instead of doubting myself and starting from scratch over and over again. And in my corporate life, I might have more easily built upon the successes I already had.

If only.

But recognizing and expanding one's narrative means knowing oneself, and I didn't. Left to my own devices, I had no idea who I really was, what I stood for and how I wanted to carry that into the world.

Instead of embracing my own narrative and the deeper purpose behind it, I identified with how well I followed theirs: employers', bosses', peers', society's. That's how you slowly lose your power and truest connection to yourself and those around you.

Suddenly, we are not only disconnected from our path but from those we wanted to serve. That's how I felt, and perhaps you have felt that way before too. Then we realize that it's not just us but that the disconnection is everywhere: In the countless ads that appear meaningless and devoid of real human kinship, doing little more than stealing our attention and eroding our trust. In the great ideas that we listen to but don't get excited about because we hear little that touches our heart and soul.

Yup, I made a big mistake. And that's okay, because it opened my eyes to the stories we tell ourselves, showed me how to grow resilience and self-belief, taught me the energetic potential of truly seeing someone, and prepared me for emboldening you to be realized for who you are and what you want to do as an entrepreneur or business leader.

So if you find yourself in yet another moment of mind wavering, of questioning choices or capabilities, of wondering where your business should go next: don't be like I was, looking outside yourself for all the answers. Instead, seize the opportunity to discover and shape the narrative that sets you free, elevates your business and nurtures its brand.

I'm your partner in growth to make that happen.

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And now on to some wonderfully kind words.

It was enlightening to have Christine as an inspirational speaker at the Women@Google speakers series talking about her journey, finding purpose and living it. She touched our hearts, souls and minds. Christine is a tremendously credible speaker for a senior and knowledge-driven audience. S. Glate Industry Manager Travel, Google
As an experienced and strong leader, Christine stands out for her social competency, empathy, and imagination. She's a great motivator and inspires others to believe in their own creativity and ability to make change happen. K. Gillespie H.R. Director, German American Chamber of Commerce Southern U.S.

Last but not least, a short & sweet bio — just in case you're curious:

A Short & Sweet Bio

Christine has worked around the world in various industries, such as healthcare, hospitality and aerospace, making a difference in IT and business operations — from call centers to convention management and quite a few things in between. She has a BSc and an MBA, and participated in executive programs at Oxford University and UCLA. Her leadership experience includes developing extraordinary teams, strategies and service models, especially in times of change and uncertainty, and she knows what it means to (re)connect people around a strong purpose and mission. Organizations she worked with include Fortune 500 companies and leading European brands as well as startups and health- and community-focused nonprofits.

Some years into her corporate journey, she discovered her intuitive knack for seeing the hidden potential in people and inspiring them to unpack, energize, and realize it. This discovery led to her most cherished on-the-job experiences: watching team members grow and glow as they dared to step into a new story of what they are capable of and can aspire to be. What could possibly come close?

These days, she also enjoys gifting some of her time to youngsters and high-potential women who dream of becoming bold leaders, and since 2020 she has been a member of the United Nations Women's Industry Disruptor incubator program.

That's it for now. Would love to keep you here a while longer, but I know how valuable your time and attention is. If you want more info about working together, here's how to reach out to me.

Thank you so much for dropping by — I am exchited to see our connection thrive and wish you an exhilarating journey forward with your company and brand.