Creator. Explorer. Possibilityst.

Hi, I'm here to help you create businesses that people love and that love people (and our planet).


By connecting (a deeper) purpose to everything you do.

That's it. Plain and simple.

So why do I think purpose is so important?

Well, to answer that, let's first take a few steps back: Transformation and renewal have always reigned supreme in my life. At work, I reveled in building and developing teams, creating novel concepts, programs and strategies, and leading cultural change.

And yes, there was ambition too. Lots of it.

So far, so good.

One day I woke up and realized that something had pulled me from the safety of the well-trodden path of societal expectations. Burnout forced me to take another look at purpose and to put a spotlight on the (unsustainable) way we work. So once again it was all about renewal. For me personally and for the impact I hoped to create in this world.

So I jumped all in, excited about using my know-how, intuition and compassion to support those who want to make purpose the driver of their organization. After all, I believe that we need to create and grow as many conscious leaders and purpose-driven businesses as we can.

It's time to break the old rules.

Not only for our own sake but for the children in our life, who one day will be adults and walk through a door to start their first day of work full of hope and enthusiasm. Maybe as an intern, maybe as a full-time team member, maybe as a freelancer.

Wherever that door might be, let's hope it leads to a place that is full of positive purpose and knows how to share it authentically - with their team members, customers, and beyond. A place where nobody will be in danger of burning out.

If you want to build such a place, connect with me and let's explore how we can work together.

It was enlightening to have Christine as an inspirational speaker at the Women@Google speakers series talking about her journey, finding purpose and living it. She touched our hearts, souls and minds. Christine is a tremendously credible speaker for a senior and knowledge-driven audience. S. Glate Industry Manager Travel, Google

Christine has worked in various industries around the world and is currently living in Germany. She has a BSc, an MBA, and got a bunch of executive education and workshop certifications hidden somewhere in a drawer. She deeply believes that anyone can realize their (higher) purpose and loves to spread the message even in her free time, for example by organizing a TEDx event that featured global changemakers in business and education or by gifting her time to startups. Since 2017 she has been a member of the advisory board at Rank&File Media, with her finger on the pulse of purpose-driven enterprises.