Choose between MasterMinds and 1:1 Coaching to build, strengthen or transform your company's narrative and make sharing what matters more fulfilling, energizing, and engaging.

The Activation Room
~ a MasterMind experience ~

In a supportive and energetic group setting, you discover how to shape your business narrative and share your purpose, mission and vision with impact and a deeper sense of authenticity and connection.

Our time together helps you to establish a clear business identity, to make product decisions more easily and confidently, and to feel more at home with visibility,

A MasterMind is for you if you want to fast-track your personal and brand development while getting access to different perspectives, experiences and wisdom from committed leaders like you.

Discover The Activation Room

1:1 Immersion Coaching

This is 100% about you and transforming your business narrative. It's just you and me, shifting paradigms to liberate you and your business from obsolete patterns and others' expectations. We explore how the superpowers inside you and your stories can create a deeper human connection and help you and your business stand out.

Immersion coaching is for you if you want a personalized 1:1 intensive that focuses on bringing clarity to a specific issue that you are facing as you want to start, pivot, rebrand or grow your business.

Discover Immersion Coaching

Ready for your next big business step? Us working together is your opportunity to

  • feel more at ease with visibility and having your voice heard and understood in the marketplace and your community,
  • refine your business's identity and make decisions about products and strategies more confidently,
  • show customers that you have their best interest at heart and are there to create stand-out experiences for them,
  • engage your teams more effectively on their daily path of fulfilling the business mission and in times of change,
  • get to know yourself better.

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Engaging with Christine was fantastic. It triggered many ideas and aha-moments in me that helped clarify and expand the vision I have for my business. I wish we had recorded our talk! Her openness and ability to create a welcoming and lively space for connecting invite inspiring exchanges. M. Landis Founder of,
Advisor to Columbia University Spirituality Mind Body Institute