Let's create a more compassionate and uplifting (business) world.

You're eager to build an organization that's a force for good. But with so many things clamoring for your attention, it's often not easy to know how to start making a conscious culture a reality.

Have you ever wished for any of the following?

  • I want to be a leader people trust.
  • I want to stay balanced and keep my team away from burnout.
  • I want to feel free to be authentic with my team members and customers.
  • I want us to stay true to our values and not sell out for profit.
  • I want my team members to be organic brand ambassadors.
  • I want nobody's ideas to get swallowed up by fear or bureaucracy.
  • I want to get a head start in adding social responsibility to every business function.
  • I want to create a business with heart and soul, not just brains.
  • I want to offer a mission, not simply a product.

Whatever it is, it always starts with you. That's where Conscious Leadership comes in: it makes personal growth, sustainability, and a great company culture an organic by-product of everything you do.

I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs become Conscious Leaders. Together we go to the heart of what you want and stand for and then bring it to life in your very own Conscious Leadership style.

I focus on working with companies or internal corporate initiatives that have been initiated less than 5 years ago and involve a team of max. 100 people. Maybe the venture is still just an idea, maybe it just launched, or maybe it's already experiencing rapid growth.

How it works

Using a systemic but unconventional consulting and coaching approach, including what I call Conscious Conversations, we explore your purpose and mission (yes, there's a difference), dive into any of the 8 Dimensions of Conscious Leadership to wake and shake things up and to enable you to find the best ways to quickly and easily integrate new ideas and behaviors into your days and business.

There's no set curriculum. Your needs determine what we'll address. Who knows, maybe one day you need me to be your sparring partner, another day your brainstorming co-creator, and the next a sounding board. No worries, that's just fine.

Depending on what you want to achieve, we'll also involve your team in making your Conscious Leadership vision real. We can also review whether your existing or future business model is conducive to creating a Conscious Business and find innovative ideas to add more positive social impact to your strategy.

My help is available on-demand (virtual or phone sessions), via short-term programs, and via on-site shadowing or co-creation days.

Connect with me to learn more about how I work and what we can do together.

Engaging in a Conscious Conversation with Christine was fantastic. It triggered many ideas and aha-moments in me that helped clarify and expand the vision I have for my business. I wish we had recorded our talk! Her openness and ability to create a welcoming and lively space for connecting invite inspiring exchanges. M. Landis Founder of NutmegAspirin.com,
Advisor to Columbia University Spirituality Mind Body Institute