Be the one everyone wants to work with.

I help startup founders become conscious leaders. If you want to make change happen, it has to start with you — whether you're a startup owner with a team of 1 or 100. Together we will discover the best path for you to grow personally and to enable your team to thrive.

How will we do that?

We will immerse ourselves in the world of Conscious Leadership: its values, its principles, its possibilities. I will remind you of the wisdom and potential that lie within you and your team, and together we will create a new playbook for your function and the workplace culture you want to build and embody.

Our collaboration is about giving yourself and your people permission to rise above conformity, to be authentic, and to put humanity, purpose, and planet first. It's about accountability, agility, and making work burnout-free and fun — not the ping-pong-table kind of fun but the meaningful one, although ping-pong tables are of course still welcome.

I believe every leader has the potential to be a conscious leader. All you need to get started is a personal commitment to awareness-based transformation and to making a positive difference in the lives your work reaches.

How do we work together?

You and I will rethink roles, expectations, and behaviors:

From human resources to humanity relations. From information technology to inspiration technology. From Chief Executive Officer to Chief Evolution Officer.

Our collaboration integrates coaching and consulting as follows:

Level 1 — The foundation is holistic 1:1 Conscious Leadership coaching. My unconventional approach, including so-called Conscious Conversations, awakens, empowers, and challenges you. We explore the context of purpose and mission, dive deep into what I call the 8 dimensions of Conscious Leadership (awareness — sense of safety — presence — belonging — contribution — caring — creativity — freedom), and find the best ways to quickly and easily make them part of your work.

Level 2 (Optional) — Moving the discovery beyond yourself, we start spreading the message of new possibilities and involve your team in the beginning stages of your Conscious Leadership vision for the future. If you lead a young startup (maybe you're even still in the idea stage), we can also review whether its business model is conducive to creating a conscious business.

If you're thinking about making Conscious Leadership real for you and your team, connect with me to learn more about the benefits of becoming a conscious leader and how you can start your own journey. I can support you in English or German.

Engaging in a Conscious Conversation with Christine was fantastic. It triggered many ideas and aha-moments in me that helped clarify and expand the vision I have for my business. I wish we had recorded our talk! Her openness and ability to create a welcoming and lively space for connecting invite inspiring exchanges. M. Landis Founder of,
Advisor to Columbia University Spirituality Mind Body Institute