You and your team have taken a big step: together you uncovered your organization's higher purpose and put it into powerful words.

Since then, a lot of questions have arisen. Or maybe it's just one really big question that seems unanswerable.

I am here to help you gain clarity and confidence in how to deal with those issues — no matter whether your people are working together in one location or are members of distributed remote teams.

My advisory and co-creative services focus on the following needs:

Preparing for Purpose

Are your people ready? Preparing for Purpose is for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of wasting time and energy (and money) on premature purpose implementation.

Since personal purpose is intrinsically connected to organizational purpose, the latter can only work if everybody understands what having and expressing purpose means for oneself and for the people one works with. Awareness of this fact is crucial for success.

This isn't about communicating your purpose statement more intensively (that wouldn't make a big difference anyway). Creating a purpose for your company is one thing, but leaning into it on an individual level is quite another.

Learn more about Preparing for Purpose.

Discovering Purpose blockers

Something's going wrong with purpose in your organization and it's time to understand what's happening before it gets worse. This service might be for you you if any of the following scenarios keep your mind busy at night:

  • Recent employee feedback about acceptance and alignment of the chosen purpose was disappointing, and you're not sure how to take it from here.
  • Customer feedback increasingly shows that they don't understand or connect with your organization's purpose or are not convinced that the company is living it.
  • A critical internal benefit, which you had closely tied to purpose implementation, has not made any progress, and you have tried to fix this by changing processes, policies, or structures but it hasn't made any noticeable difference.

Learn more about how Discovering Purpose blockers can help you uncover causes and connect the dots in new ways.

Expanding Purpose

You have a good idea what is blocking purpose and have set a baseline for moving forward: the why and the what - the intention - behind purpose have been rediscovered and realigned.

But how should you go ahead? Have new opportunities for impact popped up? How could you integrate them? How can you help team members build strong connections between their goals and the company's purpose?

Learn more about Expanding Purpose.

(Please note that Discovering Purpose blockers is a prerequisite for this package. In special cases, this can be skipped if certain conditions can be fulfilled.)

Looking for something else? Connect with me to explore whether I can support you in another specially crafted advisory role or as a speaker.

Will working together be a good fit? Find out more about me on this page, and next are some pointers on what I am looking for in a client:

  • You have an organization of 1 to 250 people. This can also be a division or intraprise within a company of a larger size, where the project is confined to the division or intraprise.
  • You are a service provider (B2C or B2B) — this includes social enterprises and non-profits. And yes, it's absolutely okay if your business is a start-up.
  • The company culture is open-minded, curious, and caring.
  • Leaders are committed to the desired business transformation and subscribe to a growth mindset.
  • It's easy for me to get access to decision makers, other relevant leaders and anybody else I would like to connect with across all teams — for example, for project-related interviews.
  • People, not profits, are put first.
  • A purpose statement has been created in collaboration with the team.