Get ready to make purpose real.

You and your team have taken a big step: together you uncovered your organization's higher purpose and put it into powerful words.

Now you're wondering: How do we turn our words into a meaningful reality?

That's what I am here to help you with. Together we identify what it takes to embody the purpose across your business and how to begin making it happen.

Purpose Immersion Day

Recommended for business owners, directors, C-level executives, and equivalent purpose leadership appointees who want to gain clarity, banish overwhelm and more quickly access the potential of purpose.

This day cuts through the noise, diving into anything you want to know about purpose. Your priorities are setting the agenda for this intensive 1-on-1. Whether you want to overcome barriers, achieve powerful mindset shifts, brainstorm solutions, or learn new tools to shape your vision and mission. Anything that helps you unlock purpose in yourself and the organization.

If desired, I can also explore the state of purpose in your immediate environment to get you an objective look at what's happening and enable you to identify gaps or opportunities that might have not been visible to you before.

At the end of the day, you feel more confident about the prospect of purpose in the driver's seat and the role you play in making it happen.

When to use? Whenever you want to better understand, communicate and harness the power of purpose before or after your organization made purpose a priority. If desired, we can set up follow-up coaching to expand the personal transformation into purpose-driven leadership after the immersion day.

Connect with me to find out more about what this VIP day can do for you.

The Purpose Intraprise

This concept creation is for leaders who want to uplift their company culture and brand through social impact initiatives and engage both customers and team members on a whole new level.

Imagine offering the world a transparent "this is us" initiative that radiates your organization's unique purpose and values. The kind of project that your customers and teams would miss if it were gone. And it's designed to evolve organically inside your organization, driven by team members' intrapreneurial spirit.

Combining my strategy and program development experience with my know-how in culture transformation, conscious leadership and social entrepreneurship and a healthy dose of intuition, I will outline a concept for you that uniquely fits your business, reinforces your brand's authenticity, and helps you create a culture of inclusion, compassion and accountability.

This creative service is available in two versions: light and full. The light version can be done virtually. The full version includes onsite engagements and can be extended to involve support during planning and roll-out.

When to use? As soon as you have uncovered a higher purpose for your organization and want to accelerate its visibility through an extraordinary social impact program or campaign.

Connect with me to get started.

The Purpose Compass

This opportunity is for business owners, C-level executives, and equivalent purpose leadership appointees who are ready to go all in and are looking for the best ways to kick-start and expand the higher purpose across the organization.

Developed together with you and your team, the Compass is specially built around your organization's priorities and designed for maximum benefit to the system, from social impact to ethics in digitization and AI, as applicable to your circumstances.

The Compass is not a strategy. Instead it helps to seed the higher purpose in the organization and to give it the care and nourishment it needs to grow its roots.

Purpose is there to drive structure, strategy and mission. Not the other way around. The realization of purpose is an ongoing journey through the landscape that is your company culture, from its valleys to its peaks.

The Purpose Compass serves as a guide for the crucial first steps of this journey (and beyond). You will find it easier to set priorities and make decisions, and you will gain confidence in effectively communicating the how, what and why behind your organization's higher purpose.

The Compass will help you break through limitations and see more clearly how culture and purpose interact (and what that means for you as a leader), and it will help team members build strong connections between their goals and the company's higher purpose.

When to use? Anytime you want to get serious about becoming a purpose-driven organization and show that leadership is walking the talk.

To find out more about the Purpose Compass, contact me to book a discovery call.

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As an experienced and strong leader, Christine stands out for her social competency, empathy, and imagination. She's a great motivator and inspires others to believe in their own creativity and ability to make change happen. K. Gillespie H.R. Director, German American Chamber of Commerce Southern U.S.