Together we open space for building what sets your business apart in these times of big shifts and disruptions: irresistible connection. To yourself, your team, your customers, and beyond.

Is 1:1 coaching for you?

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it's your energy and vision that form the true foundational tone for the business narrative and how your customers and team connect with it. But you and I know that it's not always so easy:

Maybe you suddenly feel separated from your grand vision, from the impact you want to create, or the agency you crave.

Maybe you realized that the brand's message and the path you envisioned for the business are all over the place, making it hard to build trust in your mission and bring together your team.

Maybe you're frustrated by your reliance on others' expectations — markets, consultants, friends, investors — about what your company should do and be. You feel disconnected from your voice, your values, and the customers whose lives you wanted to change.

In Immersion Coaching we look with fresh eyes at those issues and your mindset around them, combining intuitive feedback and insights with hands-on tools for crafting a strong narrative and gaining clarity on the purpose, vision and mission behind it.

How coaching works

Immersion Coaching starts with a 2-week Foundation. Side by side we shift perspectives and start to develop a narrative that enables you to step out of the "tried and ordinary" and more easily make decisions on strategies and activities influencing your company's brand.

The Immersion Coaching Foundation

The 2-week Foundation includes

Week 1: A 2-hour live session followed by a 1-hour live session a few days later
Week 2: Two consecutive 1-hour live sessions
A 30-minute follow-up session two weeks after completion

During week 1 and week 2 you can also reach out to me online with questions or requests for feedback. All sessions take place remotely. To get the most out of the Foundation, I recommend setting aside at least an hour every week for progress activities outside of our sessions, in addition to any time you want to dedicate to reflecting on what has arisen in the sessions.

In a personalized agenda, we dive into:

  • How to set up a narrative that can carry your business forward and inspire positive change in yourself, your team, and your customers.
  • How to feel grounded in the narrative and be more at ease with having your voice heard and understood.
  • How the narrative helps you (and your team) to clearly articulate the company's value proposition and identity.
  • Unpacking (hidden) potential and embracing that you have what it takes to be the leader you always wanted to be.
  • Bringing the new narrative to life in your business: your next 3 focused action steps after completing the Foundation.

You'll emerge from the Foundation all fired up, with newfound clarity, a stronger belief in yourself, and powerful leadership and story-building tools that you can (re)apply to support the narrative and your journey forward.

Your investment:
1800 €
(plus sales tax as applicable)

Schedule an introductory chat

In the free no-obligation 30-minute introductory chat, we get to know each other better and see if Immersion Coaching is a good fit for you.

If you want more coaching after the 2-week Foundation, I invite you to continue with the 8-week Intensive.

The Immersion Coaching Intensive

In the Intensive we build upon the Foundation to support the narrative's and your own evolution. We use a special leadership framework to give you the clarity, encouragement, and accountability needed as you and your stakeholders lean into the narrative to create and champion a captivating culture and brand.

As a result of what we're doing together, you have access to a mindset and tools that enable you to more confidently and effectively

  • apply the narrative to organizational culture (the "internal brand") and business branding in a coherent, engaging, and unifying way,
  • liberate yourself & your business from obsolete patterns and express yourself as a brand ambassador,
  • refine the narrative as the business or market evolves organically and in times of transition,
  • initiate purpose-aligned products & strategies that help your customers take impactful actions towards fulfilling their hopes and needs,
  • develop invaluable growth-mindset teams united around the narrative.

The 8-week Intensive includes weekly sessions, progress activities, check-ins, and access to virtual support. You also have the option to add team coaching events to the Intensive. More information about the Intensive is available to interested clients upon completion of the Foundation.

What happens next

If you're interested in the Foundation, reach out to set up a free no-obligation 30-minute virtual chat to meet and see whether this coaching would be a good fit for you and mutually beneficial. After the chat, if we both agree on moving forward with the Foundation, you can choose to book coaching and we will schedule a coaching start date.

Coaching takes place in English or German, depending on your needs.

Immersion Coaching is meant for founders, owners and solopreneurs looking for a stronger sense of positive impact and more meaningful stakeholder relationships. Are you leading a nonprofit and wondering if there is a special offer available? Yes, of course there is! Get in touch to find out more.