Preparing for Purpose

Are your people ready? Preparing For Purpose is for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of wasting time and energy (and money) on premature purpose implementation.

Since personal purpose is intrinsically connected to organizational purpose, the latter can only work if everybody understands what having and expressing purpose means for oneself and for the people one works with. Awareness of this fact is crucial for success.

This isn't about communicating your purpose statement more intensely (it wouldn't make a big difference). Creating a purpose for your company is one thing, but leaning into it on an individual level is quite another.

What is purpose actually?
How can I recognize mine?
Why does it matter?

When we understand how personal, leadership and team purpose complement each other and interact, we know how we can best contribute to the goals of the organisation and to our own growth. We have a clearer picture of what our individual responsibilities are in making our company's purpose sustainable. We get how purpose feeds our resilience. And we grasp the vast potential of purposeful collaboration.

To get your people there, I use a special approach and toolkit to share insights, shift perspectives, and build skills.

Preparing for Purpose is a combination of advisory services, a 1-day workshop session and remote mini-sessions. The advisory part is always done remotely, and the 1-day session can be done either remotely (10 people max) or on-site (40 people max). The sessions are available for teams on any level and require participation of associated team leaders or managers. In those cases where it's not possible for all team members within the organization to attend the workshop, I strongly recommend that you set up adequate interactive means to internally share insights, know-how and tools that participants got out of the sessions. Purpose can only work if all people have the same access to information and empowerment.

Once you decide to go ahead with this service, I will send you information on what I need from you before the workshop. We will also set preliminary dates for the sessions. After I received this information from you, we will schedule a call (ca. 90 minutes) to discuss the findings from your data, to set the jumping off point for the workshop sessions, and if anything stands out from your info, I will make recommendations. Note that the sessions can only take place after this preparatory call.

After the workshop, there will be 2 remote mini-sessions for the workshop participants. These sessions take place during the month following the workshop. Additionally, you and I (and up to 3 additional principals or key decision makers) will have another call, during which I will share any important insights I derived from the workshop (and mini-sessions, if any have taken place already) about your organization and its purpose journey, and, if applicable, make recommendations relating to purpose personalization or integration issues.

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