Expanding Purpose

You have a good idea what is blocking purpose and have set a baseline for moving forward: the why and the what — the intention — behind purpose have been rediscovered and realigned.

But how should you go ahead? Have new opportunities for impact popped up? How could you integrate them? How can you help team members build strong connections between their goals and the company's purpose?

After you signed up for Expanding Purpose, we begin with a remote preparatory call (60 minutes). About a week or two later, a 1-day workshop will take place at your offices. Alternatively, this workshop can take place remotely, divided into sessions across two days.

At the workshop I act as your facilitator for thinking big and connecting it to reality. I don't give the answers: I ask the questions and share the tools that empower you to find the right ones. You dig deeper into the organization's vision for purpose and the experiences you want to create around it. This process is about synthesizing ideas and refining the vision and goals you had set before, not about starting from scratch.

Shortly after the workshop, we will have a remote 2-hour session, where we'll develop a purpose compass based on the outcomes of the workshop. This compass accompanies you as a guide during your implementation and can be used by any team member.

Participants of the preparatory call, the workshop and the remote session are you, other executive level management and involved decision makers. Each interaction can have a maximum of 10 participants.

Optionally, there can be an all-team session for one day at your offices following the remote compass-building session. Every team member will look at what the compass means to them, how they can contribute and what their key responsibilities are.

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Just a quick heads-up:

  • Please not that Discovering Purpose blockers is a prerequisite for this package. In special cases, this can be skipped if certain conditions can be fulfilled.
  • If you think that your team members would benefit from learning more about the concept of holistic purpose and how they individually influence and interact with it, consider Preparing For Purpose before Expanding Purpose.

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