Discovering Purpose blockers

Something's going wrong with purpose in your organization and it's time to understand what's happening before it gets worse.

This service might be for you you if any of the following scenarios reflect what's going on in your organization right now:

  • Customer feedback increasingly shows that they don't understand or connect with your purpose or are not convinced that the company is living it.
  • Recent employee feedback about acceptance and alignment of purpose was disappointing, and you're not sure how to take it from here.
  • A critical internal benefit, which you had closely tied to purpose implementation, has not made any progress, and you have tried to fix this by changing processes, policies, or structures but it hasn't made any noticeable difference.
  • You have a hunch that something is off-base with the implementation of purpose and you want confirmation, especially because this directionless worry is taking up too much of your attention.

Together we will cut through the noise and connect the dots in new ways.

Discovering Purpose blockers consists of advisory and co-creative services. First, I will spend 1 or 2 days on-site (depending on your situation). Before and after my visit, I require specific information from you. A visit can only take place once I have received this information. In special circumstances this part of the service can instead be done remotely, spread over 2-3 days.

This is followed by my assessment and recommendations, which we will explore together in 2 remote collaborative sessions (2 hrs each). These discovery & re-framing sessions should be attended by you and any other executive leaders and relevant decision makers (max. 8 participants). One of the outcomes of the sessions is a baseline document you create for moving forward and reducing complexity. The sessions are there to bring alignment (back) to the why and what behind the purpose statement you created together with your teams.

In the 30 days following the last session, I will be available for remote support via phone and email. This includes up to two significant interactions. These are interactions that take more than 20 minutes of my time, including any preparation, and they can take up to 90 minutes.

Connect with me to find out more.

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